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Technology: from stone to steel to silicon

Hippocampus replacements happening now

Upper limits on intelligence? Computability (NP-completeness), time, size and number of molecules in universe

Technology and culture are intertwined (Stephenson's "feed" versus "seed")

What if the Singularity has already happened multiple times over the life of the universe, and the current amount of non-dark matter is what's left over? (older ultimate intelligences have used all their available resources in the universe)

If cognitive biases occur due to structural evolutionary accidents in the brain, what kinds of biases will occur in designed intelligences?

Biological neural drives will happen before designed intelligences.
- Photon echoes on retina for human-computer interfaces (Ed Boyden, MIT Media Lab)
- External memory storage devices
- An optimally engineered bio-drive of microtubules that can be connected to for the transfer of memory back and forth with human brain
- Learn skills, knowledge transfer at will, absorption of artificial memories

Neural Remixing
- Life recording, full HD audio and video, with multiple perspectives
- Translate digital recordings into bio-storage, mapping to microtubules
- Directly upload other people's life recorded experiences into your memories
- Loss of individuality? Suffusion of identity?
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