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Try to imagine my surprise when, upon receiving my "free leather wallet" for signing up for a premium account on Ars Technica, I found several cards inside the $29.00 value object reading "Christ Rules" in Greek script.

Is it Ars Technica's policy to back proselytizing religious organizations? Does Ars Technica care at all about its non-Christian readership? Jews, Muslims, pagans, atheists, Buddhists... the list can go on and on. Why on Earth would a news organization about science and technology want to back a non-secular commercial enterprise?

After finding the crypto-religious message, I immediately threw the wallet into the trash. I'm sick and tired of "well meaning" religio-fascists imposing their standards and values on me. You might as well have put an anti-choice advertisement with sad people and a fetus inside the package yourselves, because your money is undoubtedly ultimately backing the Christian Right's agenda. Yes, I'm sure some child in Rwanda is getting into an orphanage, and I'm equally sure the missionaries will tell that child that Jesus' love made it possible.

What a horrible, awful mistake you've made. I hope your editorial and business staff are capable of making more conscious choices in the future.
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