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This year I re-joined Paisley Farms CSA, and signed up for The Piggery CSA. I'm getting veg, fruit, and omega 3 egg shares from Paisley picked up on a weekly basis, and a "quarter hog" share from The Piggery every two weeks. For an average weekly cost of about $57, I'm getting all kinds of amazing stuff; here's a report of week one and what I'm doing with it.

My first week of Paisley included the following: turnips, radishes, soy beans, rapini, green leaf lettuce, red mesclun, romaine, chard. Piggery sent me some bacon ends, a quart of pulled pork, a half pound or so of mortadella, and a hunk of pate. I had friends over for dinner Thursday night and made salad with radishes and grape tomatoes, sausage and sauteed rapini, and a big bean salad with soybeans and other beans from my Winter share. I kind of went overboard with the beans, I keep forgetting that a few beans go a long way. And I definitely could have done a little better with the rapini - I blanched it at first, and that worked out okay in terms of cooking the leafy parts, but what I should have done was take those off and then keep cooking the stems more; some of them were a bit too stick-like, I think further chopping/blanching/saute of the stems would have worked better, and the leaves would have stayed greener. Anyway, the salad turned out great! Salad is pretty easy, and the natural flavor of the radishes was really fresh and earthy.

I didn't serve any of the Piggery food at dinner, but I've been eating and enjoying the heck out of it. The pulled pork is very tasty, a spicy, hearty mix of meat and sauce. The mortadella is smoother and creamier than any other deli meat I've had, and the pate is tasty as all get out.

I'm very much looking forward to next week's haul - no pork next week, but that's okay; I don't think I could possibly eat more than what I've got. I'm glad it's every other week!
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