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I have been rescheduled for a callback audition this Saturday at 10:30a.m.

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No P-Town fireworks this year.

I think we should still go to Provincetown on 7/4 and get rowdy on their asses anyway.
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The play I auditioned for is calling me back - I have to be at the theatre at 7:00p.m. on Sunday.

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A week and a half ago my bosses took me and three other co-workers out for dinner at Abbicci, an amazing restaurant right up the street from me. Turned out that this was their last dinner before major renovations that will be taking place over the coming 4 plus months (raising the building off its foundation, pouring a good one and making a basement, and adding an addition to the first and second floors). It was also one of their wine pairing meals - 7 courses with 7 wines from the Piedmont region of Italy... they even had the actual vintners from Italy eating with us! It was an amazing experience.

This is what we had )
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Does anyone have any web site suggestions or research on how to generate electricty at home or otherwise go off the power grid? I don't know how much it would cost to make/buy a fuel cell, but I'm really rip shit about having to pay almost $80 a month for next to no electricity usage. 3/5 of my bill is transmission charges for selling me electricity from White Plains, NY.

They're playing the same game with us on the East coast that they did with California... damn energy robber barons.

Update: So, after doing some research, it turns out that my electric bill is about as good as it's going to get. Everyone who lives on Cape Cod is automatically enrolled in the "Cape Light Compact" which purchases aggregated electricity from ConEdison in NY. Deregulator? I hardly know her. NSTAR charges me $30 for distribution of electricity - what's the breakdown of that cost, you ask? Well, it turns out that $19 of that is the actual cost of distribution, and $10 of that is "transition" which is apparently a "fuck the consumer" charge that "deregulation" brought about... CLC describes this as: "Transition is the charge that allows NSTAR to recover payments to wholesale power suppliers for terminating those contracts allowing for competitive suppliers to enter the market."

How nice for NSTAR.

Oh, and $1 goes to renewable energy and conservation. Yay.

So, as long as I'm paying more money, I figure I might as well pay more money and enroll in the CLC 100% green program (if I can). Joining that means that all my electricity would be produced by certified green energy sources (hydro, land based wind, and solar) that are actually located in New England. It's 75% tax deductible and will cost about another $75 a year (approximately an extra month of electricity for me).

But if I can figure out how to produce 4,000 kilowatt-hours a year for $1,000, I'll do that instead.

Nailed It

Feb. 21st, 2006 08:43 pm
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I went to an audition in Barnstable tonight for a play being produced at the Cape Rep theatre. The play's an original (Winter Wheat written by Art Devine), and it's being rewritten - I got to read a monologue off the original draft, and I think that's what cinched it.

The production dates are May 11 to June 3, and there are four shows a week (Thursday-Sunday), so if I get cast there's no damn excuse for you not to come.


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