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Is anyone here going to the NYC ROFLCon on the 24th? I will be there if you want to meet up.
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I can get two tickets for the WPI social at Boston Billiards on Saturday. $10 for pool and food. Anyone want to come?
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I know many people and their ducks are going to Arisia - I will be coming to Worcester this Friday evening, and will be staying through to Sunday morning (at the Marriott). If you want to hang out, let me know... I already have plans for lunch/early afternoon on Saturday, and I'm thinking about going to the WPI alumni night at Boston Billiards Saturday night if nothing else presents itself. The rest of my time's up for grabs!
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I'll be hanging out in Worcester today. Call my cell if you want to join me...
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Last night Annika threw a send-off party for Harrison - next Wednesday he's going to be flying off to Fort Knox for nine or so weeks of army basic training as part of his National Guard requirements.

They've really done a great job fixing up their house. It's got a very lived in feel now, even though some bits still need to be cleaned up here and there. They don't have a stove, but their kitchen is practically together and they make do with a toaster oven and a couple of individual plug-in burners. And their kitties (Mia and Pia) are adorable. Nutty, but adorable.

The party actually ended up being two parties; the early part of the evening was a cookout and pot luck type dinner. A lot of folks brought yummy desserts: julz's infamous cookies, and Kim brought a great tart and some delectable pumpkin bread. The first party was all adult and wine-and-cheese... but after about 9pm, most folks left to go back East - and Harrison's sister Becca came out from Boston. This is when party number two started, because Becca's mission was to get Harrison wasted. Anni's friends are all totally party people, so we played a bunch of drinking games (organized by Becca - she's so awesome) and had an incredible time. I got pretty darn tipsy, almost enough to get the room spinning. Becca completely accomplished her mission, getting herself totally wasted in the process. A good time had by all. Woo!

Anni and I got to chat a little in the morning today... which was nice because I don't get to see her often enough to do that. She said I got the award for being "super mingler" by hanging out with all her friends from her previous job for most of the night. They're a really fun and open bunch though, so it was just a pretty natural thing to hang out and laugh with them. She and I also had a discussion about how "adult" some of our friends are getting, and how it's completely a mental thing - people just get comfortable in their routines and don't want to get wild and crazy any more.

I have to say, for myself... I hope I never get like that. I mean - barring physical reasons like having a bad stomach or otherwise not being able to handle getting a little crazy once in a while... why the hell shouldn't one enjoy life to the fullest? Why not throw it all to the wind once in a while, especially on a special occasion? In my mind, the minute you stop living is the minute you start dying.

When I thought about it, I wondered aloud if maybe the reason why I feel like that is because I find myself comfortable in chaos. I'd almost say that I need chaos in my life because I also feel like I need to be constantly making order out of it. I find myself compelled to finish puzzles and sort things; writing and coding are anal retentive activities for me. I fidget. I tinker. I can't help it!

I also find myself wishing Harrison the best of luck on this venture. I love him like a brother, and I feel quite a bit of trepidation about the whole thing. But I also know this is something he really needs to do. Please be good man. I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to you.
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So, for those not aware - Big Blue turned 30 on 9/10/2002. I took it upon myself to help him celebrate his birthday in grand style, and we had a day of delight throughout the city of Boston this past Friday.

Tom showed up at my place a little after Noon; after I downed my lunch, we set off for Waltham and hit Danger Planet, a rather nice little game store off Moody Street. Tom dropped off his car, and we carpooled into Beantown.

After parking near a Mormon church off Brattle Street, we made our way towards the Adrenaline Zone, a PC arcade establishment. MickD caught up with us a little while after we arrived, and the three of us got to blow each other up a lot a lot. Much fun... Tom got to snipe my head into little bits, and I got to blow him and a lot of bots into a bunch of luscious gibs.

Moving on, we found ourselves at the L.A. Burdick's cafe right up the street. The sign advertised "Iced Chocolate", so we stepped up to the counter and ordered two of those, and two slices of chocolate mousse cake. We were served, and Tom sampled his sweets... and declared that he no longer needed women in his life, as long as he had his precious, precious mousse cake. The drinks and cakes were exceedingly scrumptious (but maybe not quite that scrumptious).

Our next stop was The Garage in Harvard Square, where we hit Pandemonium and Tokyo Kid, as well as another new Japanese toy store and the "All Your Game" retro video game mini-store in the stairwell. At this point, our good buddy Jski hooked up with us, and we continued onward.

We walked to the extreme end of Harvard all the way down to The Games People Play (are you seeing a theme yet?) and chatted with Joseph, one of the merchants, about various games and their pros and cons. Jski bought 1870, and I bought Humping Humping Hedgehogs! Okay, that's not really the name, but I can't remember the name because it's a German game. On the way back, we hit the Harvard Coop bookstore and Wordsworth... and at wordsworth, I bought Tom his own copy of "I'm Just Here For The Food", Alton Brown's (host of Good Eats) new book. Tom has trouble boiling water - but I believe Alton's book will be Tom's introduction to the wonderful and exciting world of food preparation.

We next went by car out to Copely Square and hit The Compleat Strategist. On the way, Jski ran into one of the three people he knows in Boston - Agthorr's sister. She's a real cutie, a very sweet girl... but she sadly couldn't come along, as she had frozen chicken and ice cream in her shopping bags. At the game store, Jski and I bought Tom a bunch of game books he really wanted. We next went by T to dinner...

Which was had at the wonderful Sunset Grill & Tap. I ran into Jen Johnson as we entered; she was just leaving with some co-workers, but we got a quick hug in before we parted ways.

That evening, the Sunset had 112 beers on tap... but the clear winner at our table was the Kopparberg Pear Cider, a Product of Sweden. Tom's got a taste for sweet drinks, and the Kopparberg was his own find - but Jski and I both loved it, and when Drak and Lee joined us later at night, they too found themselves ensorceled by the bodacious brew. Drak ended up drinking a yard of beer, and I had a couple of nice Beertails (chocolate covered cherry and fruit cocktail). Dinner was awesome... Tom and Jski hadn't eaten much all day, between the three of us, we packed away a full basket of sour cream and chive fries and fried calamari; I had a delicious tuna melt, Tom had a salmon dinner, and Jski had a mondo half pound burger (Drak and Lee had their own food when they joined later, but I can only remember that Lee got the Mahi Mahi).

All in all, a very exhausting day out on the town. But we had a very happy Tom at the end of it all! 30 years down - and many, many more to go, huzzah!
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Well, that went not at all as planned. Apologies to all involved for screwing up the drive-in plans; poor communication and unfortunate circumstances ruled the day. Damn cell phones for not getting calls, damn stupid drivers who rubberneck and bottle up traffic, and damn me for not being more clear with direction. As it turned out, Harrison fared no better and wasn't able to round up people for his crew either... so the whole thing fizzled out.

I salvaged my evening by going to the Price Chopper and picking up some dessert items for Ren and Justin's pot-luck-drink-the-rest-of-the-wine-dammit dinner. Got to hang with friends, drown my sorry lightweight ass in boozy goodness, and later hook up with the people I disappointed who would have attended the drive-in trip. I fully intend to reschedule a drive-in trip... and next time there will be much better preparation, having learned from the mistakes that were made.

Also - please recall that this coming Monday night is MASSIVE-SUSHI-NIGHT. I know a bunch of people would like to attend all you can eat at Zipango this coming week... look to Noah and send him your name; we'll need a head count so we can call ahead and let Wilson know we're going to inundate him.

And so, today, though overcast and cold, will be a brighter day. I'll be heading out to Jen and Aaron's for a barbecue shortly, and we're going to go see Shakespeare on the common tonight (Henry V). Should be much fun, I don't get to see Jen and Aaron nearly enough!

In other news - I have been cast in a musical! "Return to the Forbidden Planet", a retelling of "The Tempest" in the setting of a 50's sci fi movie. I am most excited about this. I haven't done theatre in some time, and I'm really psyched that I've made the decision to get involved with it again. I'm even a main character, and get to perform a song with Steve Dupree's little sister (yes, Stan-who-just-got-married-Stan). Tom Russell has been cast in one of the two male leads... it's going to be an amazing production with the talent pool we've got. Keep the weekend of October 3-5 open - I'm not sure where we'll be performing yet, but it's an MW Rep show so it'll be somewhere on the WPI campus!

Apparently a lot of people tried out, and I got picked over a bunch of other folks... I really want to do well now. And I know I can, so I really can't wait to show my stuff. :)
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Shout out to Worcester area folks who want to go to the Drive-in this Friday... I'm responsible for organizing you folks!

Here's the deal:

- Send me an email to let me know you're coming! (mikecap world std com)

- If you have a large vehicle that can fit lots of people and are
willing to drive, let me know that too!

- If you have folding chairs that can fit in said car, let me know...
you get the picture.

- Bring cash, preferably some ones and small bills; that way we can
divvy up the per person / carload admission. Check out the snack
bar menu for prices: http://www.mendondrivein.com/snackbar.cfm

- If you have a cooler and want to bring some stuff, go for it...
but let me know so that I can plan for fitting it in somewhere.

The plan is to leave Worcester no later than 5:30. This will put us at Harrison's place between 6:00 and 6:30, and then we'll be able to get a really good spot at the drive-in.

Once I know who and how many are coming, I will send further details of organization to those folks over email.

NOTE - do NOT reply to livejournal to tell me you're coming!! Send EMAIL, please!
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From Harrison & Dawn, posted to gweepnet.events

Hey all--
Mikey and I have cooked up a plan for Friday night: the Mendon Drive-In.

Who: You, People Like You
What: Goldmember and MIB2 (double feature on screen 2)
Where: We covered this already
When: Show starts at 8:35. Ticket gate opens at 7:00. I'll be there at 6:30
Why: Because it -rocks-

Pricing: You and your carload, for the whole night: $15.00

NOTE: Bring cash! They don't do credit or debit cards!

If you've never done a drive-in, read on for more useful information:

1) The drive-in has a burger-joint-style snack bar, but lots of folks bring their own picnic spreads. (Note, the 50's style snack bar has tons of mexican food and is a Phantom Gourmet hidden jewel, see web site for details)

2) The audio is sent out via FM; a lot of folks prefer to sit out on a lawn chair with a radio instead of sitting in their car.

3) If you have a pickup truck, you win! Back into your space and use the truck bed as a recliner.

4) If you plan on sitting in your car and have daytime running lamps or automatic headlights, figure out how to turn them off before you get there.

5) Bring bug spray.

6) Clean your windshield.

We hope to see you on Friday!

-The Harrison and Mikey Foundation for a Quality Good Tim


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