Feb. 20th, 2008 01:54 pm
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A quick summary of me (stealed from [ profile] arachne8x):
33 going on 34.

Grew up in North Branford, CT but born in New Haven, CT.

Fluent in English, smattering of French, currently studying Homeric Greek.

Nearly 100% Italian - father is all Italian, mother is 75%, with some German and Irish.

Schooled publicly until college, then started studying Physics at WPI. Eventually switched to Computer Science.

Longest relationship was 4.5 years, ended in a broken engagement in 1999. Have since been alternately single and dating sporadically; current relationship is longest one since then (1 year!). [polyamorous]

Working as a consultant for Robert Half Technology, sourced to Plus One Holdings.

Leo, spiritual, anti-religious.

Very fond of cats.

Rapturous lover of preparing and eating food; most fond of pizza, wine, cheese, and chocolate.

Ambitions to get a tattoo (maybe a depiction of Quetzalcoatl).

LARPer and LARP GM/creator.

Comic book collector (approximately 5,000).

Gamer (board, card, video, miniature, role-playing, ANYTHING).

Writer (mainly poetry and short fiction).

Aspiring artist.
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I am an idiot. But not the only one.

Frigging iPod syndrome is what it is. This is the new tactic - release the crappy product, then release the slimmer, more featured one in 18 months.

Lesson learned. Trust not the Nintendo assholes, for they lie like lying liars!
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This Cartoforge for Palm OS looks sweet. Makes me wish there were folks nearby to game with...

It also puts me in the mind of wanting to buy a new PDA. I've decided to move away from the integrated phone/PDA model due to disappointing experiences with the Treo (the refurbished model I'm using is now buzzing like a son of a bitch, just like the other one I had - not to mention the Orange Cancer) and instead get a high quality PDA and a high quality phone that can hopefully interact with each other somehow. I have done zero product research at this point, but that's the general plan. All I really want is the ability to keep phone numbers on the PDA, but pass them over to the phone, and maybe even save them on the sim card itself? I dunno. GPS on the PDA would also be awesome functionality. And I think I want to stick with Palm OS instead of moving to Windows.
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I won't be hosting a gaming night on Monday - Tom may or may not be around, I suppose he'd like company but he doesn't seem to be interested in playing games much these days! (pansy!)

I'll be up in Waltham reading script for an audiodrama. Woo!
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Come to my place tonight, 630pm - midnight, and play some games!

If you need directions, email or IM me. Get dinner beforehand; I can make some nachos, but I don't have any more appetizers to cook. Go up the back stairs, parking is very limited.
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Due to popular demand, I'm moving the weekly gaming night at my place to Monday instead of Tuesday. Gaming starts at 6:30 pm and goes until Midnight. Bring the games you own but haven't had a chance to play! We have tons of board and card games, and we also have an Xbox, Gamecube, and Dreamcast with Nester DC.

Email me for directions to my place - come up the back entrance, parking is extremely limited in the area.
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Gaming night this Tuesday, 6:30 pm until 1 am. Definitely going to try "You Need Drew's Truck" and "Trailer Park Gods".

Maybe I'll break out my "Mob War" game and see if people get into that...
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If you want to come by for late night gaming this evening (9:30pm until 1am), I'll be at my apartment after I finish with my networking.

I received "Sunda To Sahul" in the mail yesterday, and I have just started messing around with it - I wouldn't mind getting a game or two of that in, as I'm supposed to be demonstrating it at a couple of upcoming cons...
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Despite being dissed by a number of people who said they would stop by, a good time was had by all. Android and I played "Tigris and Euphrates" - my first game of it, and I managed to win by one point on the secondary tiebreaker score (Android had 12/12/12/15, and I had 12/12/13/14). Zss showed up a little while later, and we played a quick round of "Zendo" and then a quick game of "Cartegena" where Android sailed away with his six red pirates. Lastly, we played a three player game of "Carcassone" which I happened to win by a bit of a landslide (98 points, a good 15 or 20 points ahead of second and third place).

I'm eager to try playing T&E with more people to see how the dynamic changes; it was very neat with two players, and it seems to work well as a two player game, so I'm having a hard time imagining what happens with more players. One of these weekends I'd also like to get folks in on a big "Advanced Civilization" game...
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I am currently in the process of compiling historical data about all the games that have run at Intercon. This is a slightly daunting task, as we're talking about nearly twenty years worth of conventions. I'm creating a spreadsheet that contains event titles, the cons they ran at, the authors, and author emails.

I have all the data I need for all the New England Intercons (Thirteenth, XIV, XV, A, B, and C). Mostly I need information about Intercons prior to those, many of which originated in the South / Maryland area. This includes data for 13.5, 14.5, 15.5, and 16.5.

The current count of games is 175 for the six cons I have data for, and a bunch of bits and pieces I have about prior cons from the online game resumes of several people. I would appreciate your help in collating the data!

Game Night

Jan. 31st, 2003 12:27 pm
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This past Tuesday Android, Zss, and Creatrixx participated in game night. We played "Phantoms of the Ice", an Alan Moon / White Wind game left to me by Chris J., and as Android brought his satchel o' gaming doom, we played "Shaufenster".

"Phantoms" was great - I won! Woo! It's a hockey game with forwards, defenders, and goalies; they are valued from 0 to 11 and when you play a game against someone else's team, you play them off of one another kind of like war. The idea is to win nine games, and then have a multi-game playoff with the second highest scoring team to determine the champion. You also get to draft new players by pulling them off of replacement decks or trade with other teams by randomly taking cards from other people's hands. It's a fun little game.

I also won at "Shaufenster"... it was a good night for me! The idea of Shaufenster (or "shop window", in German) is to collect sets of cheesy jewelry and cash them in for money. The objective is to get the most money, of course. You collect sets of jewelry in your safe, and then put jewelry up for sale in your shop window. Every turn, people get to choose whether or not they will add to their safe or whether to pick up the "purchase turn" card which determines his or her priority in purchasing from shop windows. It takes a little bit to really figure out good strategies for this game, as the value of your collection changes according to what you have in your safe (more incomplete collections devalues items) and selling to other people also nets you money... it's a little difficult to explain without demonstrating with the cards.

Anyhow, much fun was had by all. Are you coming next Tuesday??
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I recently purchased Animal Crossing for my Gamecube, and an e-Reader that came with a number of cards for my GBA. Animal Crossing is fun so far; the equivalent of virtual Sea Monkeys that you can write letters to. There are a lot of cute little activities you can perform as an avatar wandering around the world you create - digging up fossils, catching fish, performing deliveries for other avatars, and writing letters to them (of course). The game has a lot of depth - I'm hoping I can get one or two other folks to set up shop in my town who will play regularly, or to find another person or two who have towns I can visit.

You see, the coolest thing about this game is that it's extensible. With the e-Reader attached to my GBA, and my GBA attached to the Gamecube, I can actually add more data to the game. Additional characters, music, items, patterns for clothing... all you do is scan these cards that you purchase separately through the e-Reader and they get uploaded to your memory card. The cards have this micro-dot code written onto them that runs through the e-Reader and gets interpreted by the GBA for uploading into your world. Other towns that get created by other people sprout different kinds of characters, different kinds of fish and insects, and different fruit trees - and you can actually cross-pollinate all of these things between worlds. There's even another miniature tropical island world that resides on the GBA when it's hooked up to the game ("Animal Island").

I'm sure that we're only a decade or two away from incomprehensibly complex virtual worlds. How long before we attain such a level of complexity that sentience arises naturally in such evolutionary systems? Will my Gamecube rise up against me, a la the machines in the Matrix?
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I can't believe I fit almost forty people in my apartment.

I am quite happy that people took sandwiches home with them.

Having parties is the best possible excuse to clean. My apartment looks really nice now after picking up from the party, and I put my nice new kitchen scale housewarming gift out in the kitchen, along with my other shiny appliances... yay clean kitchen!

Yuehrmah makes really amazing cookies. I will surely gain weight because of them.

Tomorrow night is game night!


Jan. 22nd, 2003 10:03 pm
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Game Night went great! We had a small group, but that was perfectly cool. We played Halo for a while, then we played Survive! (a fun little board game from MB) and Cathedral and Igel Agern (a.k.a. Humping Humping Hedgehogs)!

Next game night, next Tuesday - same bat-time, same bat-channel.
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Come to the biggest ever, all-LARP, all genre convention in the world!

Intercon C, February 28th to March 2nd in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

A weekend of nearly 40 live action role-playing games! Free food in our fabulous con suite! All for the incredibly low price of $40.00 - no paying for individual games; it's forty dollars for the entire weekend, food included!

We'll also have lots of space for card and board games, a few vendors, and our annual raffle. Register for the con today!
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From here on out, I'm going to be hosting game night at my and Tom's place in Worcester on Tuesday nights. It may not be quite every week, because I know I'll have the occasional networking event on a Tuesday night, but Tom may get into it enough that he can be here on the nights that I'm not.

Tomorrow night will be the first night - starting at 6:30pm (email me if you don't know how to get to my place). It's very easy to find but parking can be very, very limited.

I have all manner of games - board games, card games, video games. We don't have a LAN set up yet, but we can do multiplayer on Xbox and Gamecube. There are a lot of board and card games I haven't tried yet, but I'll leave it up to the folks that come what they'd like to play. Also, please bring your own snacks and drinks - there will also probably be a take out order placed before 8pm.
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So, for those not aware - Big Blue turned 30 on 9/10/2002. I took it upon myself to help him celebrate his birthday in grand style, and we had a day of delight throughout the city of Boston this past Friday.

Tom showed up at my place a little after Noon; after I downed my lunch, we set off for Waltham and hit Danger Planet, a rather nice little game store off Moody Street. Tom dropped off his car, and we carpooled into Beantown.

After parking near a Mormon church off Brattle Street, we made our way towards the Adrenaline Zone, a PC arcade establishment. MickD caught up with us a little while after we arrived, and the three of us got to blow each other up a lot a lot. Much fun... Tom got to snipe my head into little bits, and I got to blow him and a lot of bots into a bunch of luscious gibs.

Moving on, we found ourselves at the L.A. Burdick's cafe right up the street. The sign advertised "Iced Chocolate", so we stepped up to the counter and ordered two of those, and two slices of chocolate mousse cake. We were served, and Tom sampled his sweets... and declared that he no longer needed women in his life, as long as he had his precious, precious mousse cake. The drinks and cakes were exceedingly scrumptious (but maybe not quite that scrumptious).

Our next stop was The Garage in Harvard Square, where we hit Pandemonium and Tokyo Kid, as well as another new Japanese toy store and the "All Your Game" retro video game mini-store in the stairwell. At this point, our good buddy Jski hooked up with us, and we continued onward.

We walked to the extreme end of Harvard all the way down to The Games People Play (are you seeing a theme yet?) and chatted with Joseph, one of the merchants, about various games and their pros and cons. Jski bought 1870, and I bought Humping Humping Hedgehogs! Okay, that's not really the name, but I can't remember the name because it's a German game. On the way back, we hit the Harvard Coop bookstore and Wordsworth... and at wordsworth, I bought Tom his own copy of "I'm Just Here For The Food", Alton Brown's (host of Good Eats) new book. Tom has trouble boiling water - but I believe Alton's book will be Tom's introduction to the wonderful and exciting world of food preparation.

We next went by car out to Copely Square and hit The Compleat Strategist. On the way, Jski ran into one of the three people he knows in Boston - Agthorr's sister. She's a real cutie, a very sweet girl... but she sadly couldn't come along, as she had frozen chicken and ice cream in her shopping bags. At the game store, Jski and I bought Tom a bunch of game books he really wanted. We next went by T to dinner...

Which was had at the wonderful Sunset Grill & Tap. I ran into Jen Johnson as we entered; she was just leaving with some co-workers, but we got a quick hug in before we parted ways.

That evening, the Sunset had 112 beers on tap... but the clear winner at our table was the Kopparberg Pear Cider, a Product of Sweden. Tom's got a taste for sweet drinks, and the Kopparberg was his own find - but Jski and I both loved it, and when Drak and Lee joined us later at night, they too found themselves ensorceled by the bodacious brew. Drak ended up drinking a yard of beer, and I had a couple of nice Beertails (chocolate covered cherry and fruit cocktail). Dinner was awesome... Tom and Jski hadn't eaten much all day, between the three of us, we packed away a full basket of sour cream and chive fries and fried calamari; I had a delicious tuna melt, Tom had a salmon dinner, and Jski had a mondo half pound burger (Drak and Lee had their own food when they joined later, but I can only remember that Lee got the Mahi Mahi).

All in all, a very exhausting day out on the town. But we had a very happy Tom at the end of it all! 30 years down - and many, many more to go, huzzah!

Ah well

Aug. 31st, 2002 09:20 am
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The first round of the WotC setting search is done... they picked 11 submissions, which I was sadly not among.

When I first entered the search, I thought to myself: "even if I don't get picked, I'm still going to write the 10 page treatment and 100 page bible". I think I should probably still do that, though at the time I was lacking for things to do, and I'm certainly not lacking for them now between the musical and work stuffs.

Rejection is always tough, no matter what form it comes in.

Onward and upward...


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