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Currently wondering: if humanity starts colonizing space now, will there still be enough time for members of the species to get outside the radius of a theoretical supernova of our sun?
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If Facebook ever did go the paid route, I would ditch it instantly. It's not worth it to me, I already pay for this journal and other avenues of expression... what does this say about the "value" of my social network? I think what it tells me is that the network is at any given time just a commodity - one that I can rebuild and reform anywhere. It's great when I have it up and running somewhere, and there's a new and/or interesting application I can use with it, but ultimately all that matters is that I have my network and nobody can ever take it away from me. My network is internal to me at all times.

Going to bed now. Still buzzed from pork overload.
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I've noticed that most of my friends (and myself included) are much more interested in posting stuff to Facebook now. I think this is for several reasons:

1) Lots and lots of people are using it (stronger network).
2) The interface is easier to use - you can post links and photos and so forth with no HTML needed (LJ always makes you go through a couple gyrations to do stuff like that, FB makes it painless and prettier)
3) It's shorter attention span; less content, and updated much more frequently.

I don't think LJ can do anything about 1 and 3, but they could at least be trying to make their product slightly easier to use. All they have to do is replicate the Post Links and Post Photos features the way they have them set up on Facebook, and then make the Friends page smaller and more wall-like, the way Facebook does it. It's the interface, stupid!!
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Learn it or die!

Having an index of the whole Internet doesn't matter. Being able to serve search results insanely fast doesn't matter. Having the exact information people require when they need it is the only thing that does matter.
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Hey kids... I know a lot of you are friends with Kyria (Noah's sister), or otherwise generally know her from the Worcester poetry slam scene. Just FYI, if you haven't kept much in touch with her: her memoir of growing up as a Jehovah's Witness is now available on Amazon.com. Check it out!!



Feb. 12th, 2009 10:03 am
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Do you think people would have a better understanding of the situation if evolution is referred to as a "scientific model" rather than a "scientific theory"? "Theory" apparently has too many connotations for the average uninformed person to grasp. Is it not accurate to refer to evolution as a model, the same way that there's a "standard model" of particles and their interactions in physics?

I know it's not possible to convince average uninformed persons of religious conviction of anything. But I'm hoping that maybe we can get the fence-sitting folks less convinced of absolute rightness a bit more over to the side of overwhelming evidence if we change the language slightly. Of course, I suppose it's possible for anti-science folks to just come up with a dismissive "Well, it's just a MODEL, that means it's like a TOY, it's not reeeeal..."
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After six plus weeks of waiting, money I spent on a falsely advertised product bought via eBay was returned to me. Huzzah!! Take that you sleazebag. I only wish I could erase your negative "revenge" comment against me on eBay that you added after I negatively commented you.

Jo mama

Feb. 12th, 2006 09:30 am
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Fun fact: I believe I got my first job by mentioning Johari's window in my interview.
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"All I want out of life is to kick him in the JUNK!"
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"That's not the way to the BUTTERSCOTCH MAGIC SHOP!!" -- doompuppy, talking in his sleep.


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