Feb. 20th, 2008 01:54 pm
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A quick summary of me (stealed from [ profile] arachne8x):
33 going on 34.

Grew up in North Branford, CT but born in New Haven, CT.

Fluent in English, smattering of French, currently studying Homeric Greek.

Nearly 100% Italian - father is all Italian, mother is 75%, with some German and Irish.

Schooled publicly until college, then started studying Physics at WPI. Eventually switched to Computer Science.

Longest relationship was 4.5 years, ended in a broken engagement in 1999. Have since been alternately single and dating sporadically; current relationship is longest one since then (1 year!). [polyamorous]

Working as a consultant for Robert Half Technology, sourced to Plus One Holdings.

Leo, spiritual, anti-religious.

Very fond of cats.

Rapturous lover of preparing and eating food; most fond of pizza, wine, cheese, and chocolate.

Ambitions to get a tattoo (maybe a depiction of Quetzalcoatl).

LARPer and LARP GM/creator.

Comic book collector (approximately 5,000).

Gamer (board, card, video, miniature, role-playing, ANYTHING).

Writer (mainly poetry and short fiction).

Aspiring artist.
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Hi Dr. Gamer, I'm a huge fan, first time poster, long time reader - and I was just wondering: what does THAC0 mean?? signed, n000bers in Saskatchewan

Well n000bers, it's an acronym from the early editions of "Dungeons & Dragons" which apparently were published long before you came into your nerditude. I hate you for making me feel old. THAC0 stands for "To Ham Armor Class 0" and represents the amount of ham you have to throw at a naked Dwarf before he'll stop hurting you. (and you better hope it's a he, it's hard to tell sometimes)
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This Cartoforge for Palm OS looks sweet. Makes me wish there were folks nearby to game with...

It also puts me in the mind of wanting to buy a new PDA. I've decided to move away from the integrated phone/PDA model due to disappointing experiences with the Treo (the refurbished model I'm using is now buzzing like a son of a bitch, just like the other one I had - not to mention the Orange Cancer) and instead get a high quality PDA and a high quality phone that can hopefully interact with each other somehow. I have done zero product research at this point, but that's the general plan. All I really want is the ability to keep phone numbers on the PDA, but pass them over to the phone, and maybe even save them on the sim card itself? I dunno. GPS on the PDA would also be awesome functionality. And I think I want to stick with Palm OS instead of moving to Windows.

La Dee Da

Oct. 20th, 2002 01:06 am
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So, went to the Bijou on Friday night and saw Spirited Away, a great anime from the makers of Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro. It was bizarre. Highly surreal and much cool. I'm going to go see it a whole bunch more times, especially now that I have my Bijou membership card and can see it again and again...

Saturday was mostly a bumming around day. I caught up on some TiVo, and started packing up a couple of things (RPG books mostly). I'm going to go room by room around the house and clear things out a little at a time - hopefully if all goes well tomorrow I'll start moving stuff into the new apartment during the next week. In the evening I went over to joe and chia's place (their townhouse is incredible) and played board and card games with a bunch of friends. Great time had by all.

In about twelve hours I get to look at my prospective apartment and decide if I want to live there. A little after that, I get to see No Doubt and Garbage at the Centrum. Apparently an episode of Dawson's Creek is going to be filmed at the concert tomorrow. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of Katie Holmes or something.

Ah well

Aug. 31st, 2002 09:20 am
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The first round of the WotC setting search is done... they picked 11 submissions, which I was sadly not among.

When I first entered the search, I thought to myself: "even if I don't get picked, I'm still going to write the 10 page treatment and 100 page bible". I think I should probably still do that, though at the time I was lacking for things to do, and I'm certainly not lacking for them now between the musical and work stuffs.

Rejection is always tough, no matter what form it comes in.

Onward and upward...
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Second rehearsal for the musical tonight - our director was in low spirits, she hardly got any sleep at all this past weekend. Things are still really fast and loose... we still don't really know anything about music, or blocking, or choreography. And the production really needs a stage manager.

Three rehearsals next week, so things will really be starting in earnest next Monday. I have seven days left, and then I have to be off book. I noticed that Ken, our male lead, has already got a good handle on his lines in the first act; and that makes me want to try just an eensy bit harder than I have been. Also, there are a lot of good singing talents in the cast... and it's been a long time since I've really sung myself. I'm a little worried that my less than stellar vocals might drag things down a bit. :/

I've also got a week left to finish up my writing project for Chad, and I'm only about halfway done there. Probably about 12-15 more hours of work; I have to make sure I put the time in for that. The cash from that will be a welcome bonus, even though it's really paying dirt wages. (I mean geez, four cents a word, hoo boy...)

The quest for changing my style also continues. Tonight's exciting suggestions included get piercings of various sorts in various places, getting a tatoo, and the usual change hair/change beard ideas. One change I'm actively considering right now though is getting contacts. That's a relatively easy one to do, and I think that'd be a good place to start (I do want to get that laser eye surgery one of these days).

And man, it is WAY too hot. I hate this weather. I really, really, really want it to not be 90 degrees and humid. Fall can't come fast enough.
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After playing my weekly game all afternoon, I went to Benj & Jess's to watch a movie... we had some dinner and saw The English Patient.

What a tragic love story. It's put me in an odd mood. As I was leaving their place, a storm started to brew... now I'm sitting in my car in the middle of it, across from the Wachusset reservoir.

This storm is angry. The sky keeps flashing, but no bolts cut the sky. Just a singular hazy cloud, flickering bright blue white light. And the rain cannot decide how to fall; it alternates between heavy spatters pounding the roof and light drops sliding down the windshield.

Cars drive through it all and pay me no heed. I sit at the intersection, watching the stone church that keeps sullen vigil over the disrupted waters.

The rain pours steady now, the road is flooding some... probably time to go.
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m: "How high is the bridge over the river? Maybe I can sneak in!"
c: "Oh, you're going to go all Ninja Commando, aren't you? Aren't you?"
m: "I'm *Captain* Ninja Commando."
m: "Actually, I'm Lucky Captain Ninja Commando!"
c: "Silly Lucky Captain Ninja Commando. Lucky Captain Ninja Commando Nuggets are for the youth!"

Diet? I hardly know it. I didn't realize that cutting my calorie intake would induce euphoria... this rocks!

*b regards the display*
b: "What does N - O stand for?"
m: "No."
*m laughs hysterically with euphoric low-calorie delerium*
b: "I'm going to feed you three snickers bars a day. Through the nose."

I liked Minority Report
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Guess I've been a bit lax with my journal keeping, hm?

I'm so awful at everyday writing. I keep thinking that there aren't enough mundane things happening to me to keep up anyone's interest level.

Recent goods:
Massage. I heart julz. Sushi! Housemates on vacation - late night company and getting to do some cooking of my own. Made some very yummy pizza. Making strides with my writing; I actually have a paying gig! And of course I sent in my one page entry to the WotC fantasy setting proposal contest... cross your fingers for me.

Recent bads:
Work related stress, not much new there. General malaise, punctuated by shouting. I'm not a shouter, but I shout back when shouted at, damn it! And at what point did I end up becoming my mom's only friend and confidante? It's amazing how roles reverse as you get older... I'm not sure I want to be the parent though. They aren't children for crying out loud, they just like to act like it sometimes. :-P
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Well damn... I am apparently True Neutral with good tendencies. Amazingly accurate alignment test there...


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