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I was listening to NPR yesterday, and was witness to yet another of the endless attempts by homophobic, power hungry, politicizing bigots to take civil rights away from people. This time it was a discussion of the upcoming political tempest in a teapot - since gay marriage worked so great for Republicans in 2004, they're going to take aim at gay adoption in 2006. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of children currently adopted by gay singles and couples, there are 16 or so states working towards legislation to ban gay adoption; legislation that will no doubt be ready to bring out the "religious whackjob" (as they are called by Tom DeLay's staff) voting contingent in November.

What I really hate most is that any time I hear one of these "debates" no one ever confronts the anti-gay/lesbian speaker for exercising a moral prejudice against people they've never met. They never start with questioning their base assumptions - why are you assuming a negative environment for children cared for by gay/lesbian parents? Why do you implicitly suggest that homosexual is equivalent to over-sexed? And I'm always pissed off when they discuss "gay lifestyle" and "sexual choice" as if sexual preference were something you could just suddenly decide on the spot and change.

How many gay/lesbian people do you actually know? If gays and lesbians aren't entitled to the same rights as everyone else, what is it about them that makes them so different? What's the difference between discriminating against someone based on skin color, religion, or sexual preference? At what point in your life did you "choose" to be straight? Can you choose not to be straight?

These are the questions that bigots need to be confronted with. I really don't think it's that hard to show someone they're being a bigot - it's just that people are rarely confronted with the truth of their bigotry, under the guise of "everyone's entitled to an opinion." I couldn't agree less! The long and short of it is: bigots aren't entitled to be bigots, and misinformed people are not entitled to being misinformed.
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If today is horny bloody werewolf day, what the heck is St. Patrick's Day??
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I want to dress up in goat skins and whip naked women to make them fertile!!

Happy bloody horny werewolf day!
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"Would sticking your eyeball in a woman's eye socket consitute a sex offense?"

"Well, rape is legally defined as putting an unwanted foreign object into a genital opening, so sexual... no?"

"But offensive...? Yeah. Yeah."
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Watch for the lurking homosexual (is that John Waters??)

You think they're still showing this training video some places out in the mid-West?
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The snails in the fish tank had a lot of sex today. The water was cloudy.

All the other fish ate their babies.
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"I always try to buy at least two of a stuffed animal that I know I couldn't live without."

Making Your World A Little Darker Every Day
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Overheard at the coffee shop:
"That turned out to be a rather sticky issue."

(in my head):
"I've got a sticky issue..."

Seen on a sign on the way to work:

(in my head):
"I've got a huskey injection..."

I'm a dirty, dirty man.


Aug. 1st, 2002 11:09 pm
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A touch of love, imbued with the energy of a passion unfettered. Fingers that lightly draw trails across skin, tickling the tiny hairs like a gentle breeze... but these chills are not from the cold. They are born in heat, in the fire sparked between fingertip and gooseflesh.

Would that I could dive deeply into your eyes once more. If only those moments of union could have stretched out to infinity and back... but I would even settle for feeling that sweet caress of our joining just one more time. Just once.

I will always remember you.


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