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This past weekend was extremely action-packed, and immensely enjoyable.

Of musicals, carousing, art, and movies )

So, currently coming up on the radar, we have:
- Finish the movie synopsis for the magazine
- Call a recruiter about a contract software assignment
- Interview on Tuesday with a small software firm
- This weekend: NY Comic-con! Sol Chinese New Year!! (did you RSVP??)
- Next weekend: Intercon? Mr. [livejournal.com profile] gower, we need to chat.
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I have been rescheduled for a callback audition this Saturday at 10:30a.m.



Mar. 5th, 2006 06:18 pm
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I developed a really bad fever last night. Intermittent bouts of sleep, punctuated by fits of coughing up gunk, chills, massive sweats, and nasty congestion. I've been laying in bed all day, and I feel too weak to get up.

I left a message for the director saying I can't make it tonight, and can we possible reschedule for the end of the week.



Mar. 4th, 2006 10:47 am
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I have chosen the perfect time to develop a nasty little respiratory infection. I have a callback audition on Sunday night, and I'm supposed to be teaching a class next week.

ARRRGH. Must. not. talk.
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The play I auditioned for is calling me back - I have to be at the theatre at 7:00p.m. on Sunday.


Nailed It

Feb. 21st, 2006 08:43 pm
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I went to an audition in Barnstable tonight for a play being produced at the Cape Rep theatre. The play's an original (Winter Wheat written by Art Devine), and it's being rewritten - I got to read a monologue off the original draft, and I think that's what cinched it.

The production dates are May 11 to June 3, and there are four shows a week (Thursday-Sunday), so if I get cast there's no damn excuse for you not to come.
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I will be playing the part of Costard in Love's Labours Lost on March 21st-ish. The show is tentatively planned to be at Higgins House, but the venue may change. We're still looking for a few good men to round out the cast some.

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Happy shiny new DELL PC arrived yesterday. It came with Windows XP Professional... after 10 minutes of futzing, I managed to make it look like it should instead of looking like "OS for motards". And once again, I realized that Microsoft hasn't changed a damn thing with any of their operating systems except the cosmetics.

Anyhow, I am currently transferring huge amounts of data from multiple systems to this new one. And this one has a CD-RW, so I'll be able to conveniently archive my data for a change. Though I still haven't received my package of CD-RW discs from DELL yet, I guess because it had to ship separately. No matter. There's still plenty to do just moving files around and installing software and such.

In other news, the weather is shit outside. It's eight in the morning, and it's completely flat, rainy, and dreary outside, almost greyscale. Perfect climate for staying inside and playing with the new computer.

On the apartment front - Tom and I figured out the cable system last night and hooked up his TV to it. At some point I'll need to discern how TiVo will hook into this beast of a system. Digital cable officially has Too Many Channels (tm). I'm sure it'll be too much for my poor little TiVo, so I'll have to save up for a big old eighty hour Series II. This will be after I get a receiver to power my speakers though. And neither of these is going to happen until I have steady income... sigh.

I'm also looking at being in my first Shakespearean production come the end of March. It'll be "Love's Labours Lost" and it'll be taking place in Higgins House at WPI. I'm trying to convince Tom to join in the production with me. Round-table casting is going to take place this Saturday - I've never read the play before; are there any fans of the playwright out there willing to recommend a role for me?
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I've had a most amazing and stressful week. We finally made it to opening night for Return to the Forbidden Planet, and we actually managed to pull it off somehow. Seven weeks is not enough time to put a musical together, especially when the band has to learn twenty-five songs in two weeks! Tuesday night was really scary, and tensions were high - but then, somehow, on Wednesday night, everything started to come together. Thursday (opening night) was good, Friday night was better, and on Saturday night we actually got "TELL HER!" right (long story). I think Friday was our best night though... the audience energy was huge, people were laughing and clapping all night, and we only had a couple of empty seats.

The downside was that several actors were robbed during the performance (including me). Someone made his or her way into the dressing rooms, took several wallets and a purse, and made off with cash and some tech gadgets. Some of that cash was ticket money for the show, sadly. The other wallets and purse were recovered just outside where the show was performed, but my wallet was not amongst them (strangely enough). The thing is, none of the rooms were ransacked. Pants and clothing were all folded back up and returned to their original positions if they were holding or covering items. Whomever committed the crime took his or her time, as if he or she knew that no one was going to be going back to the dressing rooms during the second act. Additionally, other tech stuff used in the show went missing...

I have no proof of who did this or why this happened - but it seems to me like it was purely done as a terrorist action. If it were punk kids, or random people, wouldn't they have rushed to commit the crime? Wouldn't the rooms be ransacked instead of returned to their original state? And why go through the wallets and purse right outside the building and drop them on the ground instead of running several blocks away and disposing of them in a trash pail (or in a trash pail fifty feet away)? I have my theories as to motive, but I won't post them publicly.

Losing my ID and debit cards successfully wrecked my weekend. I was planning on going to my Uncle Bernie's wedding on Sunday, but the stress of the show piled onto the stress of being robbed was too much for me. When I got back late night on Friday I cancelled all my credit and debit cards. All morning on Saturday I felt totally powerless... I had no cash, and no way to get cash. Without an ID, I couldn't go to the bank to get any money. I got a new temp license at the RMV in the afternoon, and went on with the show.

Not much else to say at this point. I'd say I was disappointed at witnessing firsthand the bad shit people do, but it's not like I didn't know people were capable of this kind of thing. But I'll tell you what, I'm not going to let myself become a victim again. Not ever.
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"The Return To The Forbidden Planet"

Shakespeare's Forgotten Rock & Roll Space Musical
Coming Soon!

October 3rd, 4th, & 5th
8:00 PM
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Alden Hall

Tickets $5 for students, $7 non-students
($1 discount for advanced ticketing, email


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I'm sitting at my desk at the home office, listening to Vince Guaraldi and watching the rain fall onto the trees and onto the deck. I think the music and the rain go nicely together; it's been a very chill Monday so far.

I got a call last night from a woman I was dating earlier this year. I'd sent her an email a few days ago to say hi, not really expecting any kind of response... she'd broken it off a little abruptly for her own reasons, so I wasn't sure if she'd be interested in hearing from me. She mailed me back though, and I made a suggestion of maybe taking things a little slower and getting together again to see what happens. She seemed pretty receptive to it. She lives in NH, but she just happened to be coming up from the Cape last night - but I hadn't given her my new cell phone number, so she just left a message on the home machine.

She might be coming down to see the play when it goes up. It would be really nice to see her again, even just to catch up and hang out.

The rain's stopped. That's a good thing.
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We had our first full cast singing rehearsal last night, which is a good good thing considering that the performance is about 23 DAYS AWAY. (dear lord have mercy)

Amazingly enough, we nailed a bunch of stuff on the first try. Multi-part harmonies, which the music director said wouldn't feel comfortable giving to her acapella group we pulled off on the first run through. And I have way more parts singing than I thought I did because I'm background vocals in a bunch of places. Hoo boy.

On Thursday we'll be doing our choreography... scary.

News of another imminent baby came my way recently. Joy and happiness all around. My current sneaky plot is to try and make myself official Godfather(tm) of as many friend's babies as I can manage.
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Second rehearsal for the musical tonight - our director was in low spirits, she hardly got any sleep at all this past weekend. Things are still really fast and loose... we still don't really know anything about music, or blocking, or choreography. And the production really needs a stage manager.

Three rehearsals next week, so things will really be starting in earnest next Monday. I have seven days left, and then I have to be off book. I noticed that Ken, our male lead, has already got a good handle on his lines in the first act; and that makes me want to try just an eensy bit harder than I have been. Also, there are a lot of good singing talents in the cast... and it's been a long time since I've really sung myself. I'm a little worried that my less than stellar vocals might drag things down a bit. :/

I've also got a week left to finish up my writing project for Chad, and I'm only about halfway done there. Probably about 12-15 more hours of work; I have to make sure I put the time in for that. The cash from that will be a welcome bonus, even though it's really paying dirt wages. (I mean geez, four cents a word, hoo boy...)

The quest for changing my style also continues. Tonight's exciting suggestions included get piercings of various sorts in various places, getting a tatoo, and the usual change hair/change beard ideas. One change I'm actively considering right now though is getting contacts. That's a relatively easy one to do, and I think that'd be a good place to start (I do want to get that laser eye surgery one of these days).

And man, it is WAY too hot. I hate this weather. I really, really, really want it to not be 90 degrees and humid. Fall can't come fast enough.
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I'm really excited about Return To The Forbidden Planet. The cast met for the first time on Tuesday, and it's really a terrific pool of talent. Our first read-through was a lot of fun... but everyone except for the two male leads needs to be off-book in TWO WEEKS. Oh my Jeebus. I'm not particularly concerned about this; my part is a significant one, but I'm merely a supporting character, and have nowhere near the number of lines Tom or Ken do.

The really scary thing is that the production of this musical is going to be staggering. There's lots and lots to do between now and October 3rd; I'm going to be rehearsing three nights a week, and doing singing rehearsals on a fourth night. The blocking and choreography and vamping and timing is going to take a long time to work out. Between both my jobs and this, I will no longer have any free time during the week. None, zero, zip.

This concerns me. I want to be able to do things and to see people on a regular basis and to have the freedom to do random stuff at a moment's notice... but my time committments are manifold. I'm going to have to be really strict with my scheduling.

I guess this is the tradeoff for wanting to do something new. I suppose my timing could have been a little better, I could have picked a time where business and work weren't picking up. But I really wanted to be a part of this show - the bug bit me, and here I am.

You all have to come to the show, by the way. I'm going to be pre-selling tickets at some point... and really, how can you say no to a musical that stars Tom and has me in a supporting role??
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I tried to post an entry from my phone while I was on the Boston Common watching Henry V this evening... I thought it went through, but it looks as though it never made it to the site.

No matter. I will reiterate - Shakespeare on the Common was amazing. I had such a great time today with Aaron, Jen, Mel, Steve, Sarah, Ben, Tamara, Eric, Liz, Courtney and Dave... Going for ice cream at the McDonald's was the best part though; Mel and I made it across the street, and then the soft serve started melting like crazy - we must have left a gooey trail all the way across the park. hee. :)

Much thanks to Jen & Aaron for hosting and organizing
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Well, that went not at all as planned. Apologies to all involved for screwing up the drive-in plans; poor communication and unfortunate circumstances ruled the day. Damn cell phones for not getting calls, damn stupid drivers who rubberneck and bottle up traffic, and damn me for not being more clear with direction. As it turned out, Harrison fared no better and wasn't able to round up people for his crew either... so the whole thing fizzled out.

I salvaged my evening by going to the Price Chopper and picking up some dessert items for Ren and Justin's pot-luck-drink-the-rest-of-the-wine-dammit dinner. Got to hang with friends, drown my sorry lightweight ass in boozy goodness, and later hook up with the people I disappointed who would have attended the drive-in trip. I fully intend to reschedule a drive-in trip... and next time there will be much better preparation, having learned from the mistakes that were made.

Also - please recall that this coming Monday night is MASSIVE-SUSHI-NIGHT. I know a bunch of people would like to attend all you can eat at Zipango this coming week... look to Noah and send him your name; we'll need a head count so we can call ahead and let Wilson know we're going to inundate him.

And so, today, though overcast and cold, will be a brighter day. I'll be heading out to Jen and Aaron's for a barbecue shortly, and we're going to go see Shakespeare on the common tonight (Henry V). Should be much fun, I don't get to see Jen and Aaron nearly enough!

In other news - I have been cast in a musical! "Return to the Forbidden Planet", a retelling of "The Tempest" in the setting of a 50's sci fi movie. I am most excited about this. I haven't done theatre in some time, and I'm really psyched that I've made the decision to get involved with it again. I'm even a main character, and get to perform a song with Steve Dupree's little sister (yes, Stan-who-just-got-married-Stan). Tom Russell has been cast in one of the two male leads... it's going to be an amazing production with the talent pool we've got. Keep the weekend of October 3-5 open - I'm not sure where we'll be performing yet, but it's an MW Rep show so it'll be somewhere on the WPI campus!

Apparently a lot of people tried out, and I got picked over a bunch of other folks... I really want to do well now. And I know I can, so I really can't wait to show my stuff. :)


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