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I hereby declare that Winter is OVER. My Snow Miser curse is BROKEN. I'm finally living somewhere that isn't constantly under several feet of snow...
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Damn this shitty weather. I just want to make one more move!!

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Happy shiny new DELL PC arrived yesterday. It came with Windows XP Professional... after 10 minutes of futzing, I managed to make it look like it should instead of looking like "OS for motards". And once again, I realized that Microsoft hasn't changed a damn thing with any of their operating systems except the cosmetics.

Anyhow, I am currently transferring huge amounts of data from multiple systems to this new one. And this one has a CD-RW, so I'll be able to conveniently archive my data for a change. Though I still haven't received my package of CD-RW discs from DELL yet, I guess because it had to ship separately. No matter. There's still plenty to do just moving files around and installing software and such.

In other news, the weather is shit outside. It's eight in the morning, and it's completely flat, rainy, and dreary outside, almost greyscale. Perfect climate for staying inside and playing with the new computer.

On the apartment front - Tom and I figured out the cable system last night and hooked up his TV to it. At some point I'll need to discern how TiVo will hook into this beast of a system. Digital cable officially has Too Many Channels (tm). I'm sure it'll be too much for my poor little TiVo, so I'll have to save up for a big old eighty hour Series II. This will be after I get a receiver to power my speakers though. And neither of these is going to happen until I have steady income... sigh.

I'm also looking at being in my first Shakespearean production come the end of March. It'll be "Love's Labours Lost" and it'll be taking place in Higgins House at WPI. I'm trying to convince Tom to join in the production with me. Round-table casting is going to take place this Saturday - I've never read the play before; are there any fans of the playwright out there willing to recommend a role for me?
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I'm sitting at my desk at the home office, listening to Vince Guaraldi and watching the rain fall onto the trees and onto the deck. I think the music and the rain go nicely together; it's been a very chill Monday so far.

I got a call last night from a woman I was dating earlier this year. I'd sent her an email a few days ago to say hi, not really expecting any kind of response... she'd broken it off a little abruptly for her own reasons, so I wasn't sure if she'd be interested in hearing from me. She mailed me back though, and I made a suggestion of maybe taking things a little slower and getting together again to see what happens. She seemed pretty receptive to it. She lives in NH, but she just happened to be coming up from the Cape last night - but I hadn't given her my new cell phone number, so she just left a message on the home machine.

She might be coming down to see the play when it goes up. It would be really nice to see her again, even just to catch up and hang out.

The rain's stopped. That's a good thing.
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What the fuck does "let's agree to disagree" mean, anyway? It doesn't resolve anything. All you end up doing is walking away from the conflict. It's just a pointless platitude - and what if you don't want to "agree to disagree"?? I don't want to disagree, I want you to realize you're wrong, because you are you dumbass!

So there. Venting session over. Not that this has anything to do with any personal interaction with anyone, or even me interacting with random people online... I was just reading a "heated" discussion in a newsgroup, and one of the posters used that line. I totally got irked after reading it. Maybe because I'm tired and sweaty and I'm SO FED UP WITH THE HEAT! GAH!!

Summer can be over any old time now.

In other news, I've hit a plateau on the weight loss. I'm pretty sure I'm losing waistline and trimming up okay, but not moving on the scale is quite frustrating. I'm not being as strict with the calorie counting as I should be, and that's the result. I've been slacking on the exercise too, but mostly because of the thrice-damned ninety degree weather. Fuck all. I will eagerly dive into the pool at my parent's house when I head down there for birthday vacay this week.

High points since the last journal entry: got my Cowgirl Chocolates in the mail (mm, Belgian chocolate and cayenne pepper); went to an awesome wedding - great company, food, music, and dancing fun; went to FuGaKyu for a great sushi dinner; and got to see the "new and improved" He-Man cartoon.

Damn that cartoon was amusing. Revamped versions of all the 20 year old toys, horrible cheesy dialogue (worse in some ways than the original cartoon), total ripoffs of Star Wars in backgrounds, music, and action scenes, and a totally anime look and feel to the whole thing that just made it seem goofy.

Best line ever: He-Man lets Skeletor go, but Skeletor is a jerk and shoots the ledge the king is sitting on. King falls down a bottomless crevasse, and He-Man DIVES AFTER HIM. Using his immense power to accelerate gravity, he catches up with the king, and they fall... the king says:

"He-Man! You can... fly!?!"

to which He-Man replies:

"Uh... well... no."

and then he loses his grip on the king, and they continue to fall.

That was just plain quality entertainment right there, I gotta tell ya.
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Second rehearsal for the musical tonight - our director was in low spirits, she hardly got any sleep at all this past weekend. Things are still really fast and loose... we still don't really know anything about music, or blocking, or choreography. And the production really needs a stage manager.

Three rehearsals next week, so things will really be starting in earnest next Monday. I have seven days left, and then I have to be off book. I noticed that Ken, our male lead, has already got a good handle on his lines in the first act; and that makes me want to try just an eensy bit harder than I have been. Also, there are a lot of good singing talents in the cast... and it's been a long time since I've really sung myself. I'm a little worried that my less than stellar vocals might drag things down a bit. :/

I've also got a week left to finish up my writing project for Chad, and I'm only about halfway done there. Probably about 12-15 more hours of work; I have to make sure I put the time in for that. The cash from that will be a welcome bonus, even though it's really paying dirt wages. (I mean geez, four cents a word, hoo boy...)

The quest for changing my style also continues. Tonight's exciting suggestions included get piercings of various sorts in various places, getting a tatoo, and the usual change hair/change beard ideas. One change I'm actively considering right now though is getting contacts. That's a relatively easy one to do, and I think that'd be a good place to start (I do want to get that laser eye surgery one of these days).

And man, it is WAY too hot. I hate this weather. I really, really, really want it to not be 90 degrees and humid. Fall can't come fast enough.
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After playing my weekly game all afternoon, I went to Benj & Jess's to watch a movie... we had some dinner and saw The English Patient.

What a tragic love story. It's put me in an odd mood. As I was leaving their place, a storm started to brew... now I'm sitting in my car in the middle of it, across from the Wachusset reservoir.

This storm is angry. The sky keeps flashing, but no bolts cut the sky. Just a singular hazy cloud, flickering bright blue white light. And the rain cannot decide how to fall; it alternates between heavy spatters pounding the roof and light drops sliding down the windshield.

Cars drive through it all and pay me no heed. I sit at the intersection, watching the stone church that keeps sullen vigil over the disrupted waters.

The rain pours steady now, the road is flooding some... probably time to go.


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