Feb. 11th, 2004 04:09 pm
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This animation site is totally cool. Check out number 86.
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Second of all, women are not people, they are devices built by the Lord Jesus Christ for our entertainment!


Feb. 21st, 2003 01:03 pm
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"I am feeling fat. And sassy!"
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What the fuck does "let's agree to disagree" mean, anyway? It doesn't resolve anything. All you end up doing is walking away from the conflict. It's just a pointless platitude - and what if you don't want to "agree to disagree"?? I don't want to disagree, I want you to realize you're wrong, because you are you dumbass!

So there. Venting session over. Not that this has anything to do with any personal interaction with anyone, or even me interacting with random people online... I was just reading a "heated" discussion in a newsgroup, and one of the posters used that line. I totally got irked after reading it. Maybe because I'm tired and sweaty and I'm SO FED UP WITH THE HEAT! GAH!!

Summer can be over any old time now.

In other news, I've hit a plateau on the weight loss. I'm pretty sure I'm losing waistline and trimming up okay, but not moving on the scale is quite frustrating. I'm not being as strict with the calorie counting as I should be, and that's the result. I've been slacking on the exercise too, but mostly because of the thrice-damned ninety degree weather. Fuck all. I will eagerly dive into the pool at my parent's house when I head down there for birthday vacay this week.

High points since the last journal entry: got my Cowgirl Chocolates in the mail (mm, Belgian chocolate and cayenne pepper); went to an awesome wedding - great company, food, music, and dancing fun; went to FuGaKyu for a great sushi dinner; and got to see the "new and improved" He-Man cartoon.

Damn that cartoon was amusing. Revamped versions of all the 20 year old toys, horrible cheesy dialogue (worse in some ways than the original cartoon), total ripoffs of Star Wars in backgrounds, music, and action scenes, and a totally anime look and feel to the whole thing that just made it seem goofy.

Best line ever: He-Man lets Skeletor go, but Skeletor is a jerk and shoots the ledge the king is sitting on. King falls down a bottomless crevasse, and He-Man DIVES AFTER HIM. Using his immense power to accelerate gravity, he catches up with the king, and they fall... the king says:

"He-Man! You can... fly!?!"

to which He-Man replies:

"Uh... well... no."

and then he loses his grip on the king, and they continue to fall.

That was just plain quality entertainment right there, I gotta tell ya.
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For those of you who berate me for my dislike of chain restaurants, I present this tidbit for you.


Do you know why I don't like chain restaurants? Because the food SUCKS. The quality of the food is ASS. You who may have uttered the phrase "Grade D, but still edible" when chiding the food services in college... well guess what?? The food quality at chain restaurants is EVEN LOWER THAN THAT.

Chains buy cheap, crappy food and prepare it fast and generic and then overcharge you for it. I keep trying to "give them a chance", I keep trying different locations of chains in the hopes that they'll be better - but they all have the same, low quality ASS FOOD. Make that one word, ASSFOOD. I think I'll start my own chain and call it BUGABOO ASSFOOD'S and decorate it with garbage on the walls and serve the cheapest food I can find, like that "red tide" tuna that Homer ate on that episode of the Simpsons...

Bertucci's is about the only one I can stand, and only certain locations at that. I will take the Wonder Bar over a chain restaurant any damn day of the week. A pox on them all!


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